Chocolate Velvet

One of a few things I can smell and taste is my coffee – Millstone Chocolate Velvet.  I’m grateful I can smell and taste anything but coffee is essential in my day.  I actually want a cup right now but it’s almost midnight so it’s probably not a wise choice.

I made another dinner which I couldn’t taste.  I need to stop eating but I’m still deluded that there’s one food that will bring back the smell and flavors I miss.  I’m hard headed so I continue on down this path.

In other news, I sent out a message to the entire University Campus today sharing the news that the Library will start a new survey soon.  I got a few responses from people who recognized my Navajo last name.  I’m actually quite excited to start this survey next week on Library Services.  I also want to start a series to teach basic statistics – what are the important elements when looking at research (numbers, approach, methodology and most importantly, in plain English, what story is the data telling).  I’m excited about this but I need to flesh this out a bit more.  Imagine a wiki or blog that explains statistics in a language anyone can understand.  That is truly exciting.  On that note, I need to wind down for the day because I have much to do tomorrow.


About bibiiwens

Navajo, self-assured, bibliophile, skeptical, analytical and klutzy.
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