My Path

I have less than 2 weeks left in Kansas.  Having to leave the good friends I made is painfully difficult.  In the middle of dinner with my closest pals last night, I started to think about how difficult it will be and is, to say good-bye to these friends.  It made me sad and little bit sullen.  Discussion and conversation was lively so I was able to hang on until I got home.  I broke down once I got home.  I had a few conversations with my family so I was okay by the time I went to bed.  I can’t help but feel a whole plethora of emotions: hurt, chagrin, some anger – the stinging feeling behind my eyes.

My family is a different story.  I’ve been receiving a string of text messages from my family and friends that they can’t wait for me to come home.  I go into the great unknown – uncertainty.  I realized that all my life, I’ve been dreading this place: Unknown, uncertainty.  Everything I do is planned, sometimes to such a precision.  It’s been a very long time – 18 years since I did something for which I didn’t have a plan.  All I know is that I’ll be fine.  I’m wiser, for now I have the personal knowledge and experience that makes me a better human, on the path to happiness and balance.

My path lies in the rainbow.
It’s guided by prayers and songs.
I follow the path of the yellow corn pollen.

About bibiiwens

Navajo, self-assured, bibliophile, skeptical, analytical and klutzy.
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One Response to My Path

  1. ozettetor says:

    Love the last lines of this! I want you in my anthology!

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