There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home…

My days are brimming – usually of nieces’ and nephews’ stories.  I get such a kick out of these kids.  I’m watching them grow up, right in front of me.  It’s pretty awesome.  My 9 year old nephew Kyle is reading THE HUNGER GAMES, after I suggested him to read the book.  I take him and Willis Jr. to school in the mornings.  It’s usually a very animated start to my day.  We discuss the book, ideas and philosophy while driving to school.  This 9 year old is incredibly smart.  He needs to read more and as a Librarian, I need to do my part to encourage him to become a bibliophile. heh.  This morning, I gave a quick 15 min session on who/what on the following: Jesus, lent, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter.

And it’s so awesome to be here for the unplanned moments.  All my siblings were in town this week-end.  We took group photos of all the grandkids with the Grandma. Visited with all my brothers and sisters.  I cooked for them and we basically celebrated just being together.  I don’t get to see my niece Nicole as often as I would like, but she’s very busy with a heavy school load.  The other day, I heard my brother sing a random song (ceremony song) and it just lift my spirits that I was able to hear that.  I got a little bit choked up because I guess I was really missing that.  It’s comforting to see, hear and smell the daily offerings for (morning) prayers.

The other part of my life- a job.  That search continues but it’s not going well.  It’s taking longer than I thought it would so I think I need to be more patient (not my strong suit).  It felt so strange to be working at the Reference Desk, at first.  I wasn’t as confident answering reference questions but I got into the groove.  The only drawback is the long grueling hours – continuous hours at the reference desk.  After the 3rd hour, I’m a little bit numb.  It’s non-stop questions (for now) so the hours fly by so quickly.  Everyone on the team is so busy so it’s hard to ask for a break when we’re getting slammed at the desk.  I really need a regular librarian job.  And soon.  I’ve applied to a Library Director position at a local junior college so we’ll see what happens.

Most of my family members are heading up to rez for a ceremony this week-end.  I have to work on Sunday so I’ll be staying behind with my 2 sisters.  We’ll have a good time.   I have to start on the Reference Desk at 9am so I’ll post this and get my day started.  I hope you are all doing well, my friends.  Much love and happiness to each one of you.


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Navajo, self-assured, bibliophile, skeptical, analytical and klutzy.
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4 Responses to There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home…

  1. Danielle says:

    Be patient Wendy, good things will come. It’s kindof funny or fate maybe that I saw your email. I was looking up a book for my 10 year cousin/nephew/brother. Technically he’s my first cousin, my sister is like his mom (nephew) but she’s also his marrain (godmother) so he would have spent a great deal of time with us even if he was with his mother, and my mom is his guardian (brother). On my mother’s side of the family it’s like that. He loves to read and I’m encouraging him by sending a monthly offering from Amazon. He can’t get to the library regularly since I moved away. I was just thinking about the day I drove away to move to Arizona and he was standing in the door wailing as I pulled out of the driveway. An hour before he was cheerfully helping me pack the car thinking it was a game. When the reality hit, it was hard for him. I got him to take his mind off the grief by playing a roadtrip game with him by phone – it was his job to track my progress. I would call every few hours and let him know what city I was in. He felt grownup because I would only talk to him and it was his responsibility to inform everyone how I was doing. I left out of frustration and the need for a better job, but I often think about the good things I left behind.

  2. bibiiwens says:

    Thanks Danielle. Our role in these young lives is so important. The monthly offering from Amazon- is that something you look up yourself or does Amazon have that service? We’re going to the Book Festival this week-end with my sisters and niece Kalyssa (who has her own library card and loooooooves books). It’s gonna be great. Miss you lots Danielle.

    • Danielle says:

      I put together a few books a month that I discover from varous listserv’s and websites. I try to keep it varied and culturally relevant. I’ve decided to stay away from the big reviewers because they usually laud books that don’t mirror our values. My biggest motivation is that I’m trying to prepare him to be a functioning black adult male in this world and my mother’s unfortunate desire to shelter him is not in his best interest. He needs to be prepared for what’s out there – all the perceptions, images, fears, bias, etc. that will haunt his footsteps. I just want him to be ready.

      • Danielle says:

        Oh, and have lots of fun at the Book Festival!! I miss you too- specially mornings at the Ref desk.

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