Ick and more ick.

I’m working the Reference Desk today. Not many reference questions, mostly people asking to reserve study rooms.  I’m an overpaid admin assistant. Oh well.  I have 2 annoyances this afternoon. My eye and boys who walk up to the Reference Desk and cannot refrain from touching themselves while I’m trying to help them.

A week ago, I scratched my eye, while trying to put in eye drops (my BP affected side eye was too dry).  Then over the course of the week, some germs got into my scratched eye.  So by Friday, I was completely miserable.  My sister Wy had to drive me to Sells (emergency room – which btw, is not really an emergency room).  Apparently, all IHS staff have a weekly staff meeting on Friday mornings (seriously – for 4 hours!???).   Clearly they could benefit from some process improvement or facilitation skills if they need 4 hours per week for staff meeting!

My eye was so sensitive to light that I experienced stabbing pain in my eye.  I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up, sometimes both.  I had to wear my sunglasses and put my hoodie over my face.  My sister had to lead me around while walking outside.  It was ridiculous. ER Doc referred me to the Ophthalmologist since he clearly didn’t have any clue on how to treat me.  Eye Doc numbed & diliated my eye. Ohhhh that felt good – the 1st time in a week that my eye felt okay (because it was NUMB!).  My sis wasn’t very impressed with the Eye Doc.  She said he was Judgy McJudge.  He only asked me the usual questions about diabetes, drugs, alcohol, abuse, etc.   It was evident that I was completely desensitized by these questions because it offended my sister.

Evidently, I scratched my cornea so now that exposed part was infected.  I was given 3 different eye meds: 1 for infection, 1 for pain and 1 for infection (overnight).  They all hurt like a bitch (except the overnight bc it’s an ointment cream).  Bottom line is I have blurry vision because the scratched eye is my good eye.  I’m legally blind in my left eye so I only have 1 good eye (which is now blurry).  That should explain why the monitor resolution is set to 800X600.  It just feels like something is stuck in my eye – except I can’t get the debris out.  It’s very frustrating and I feel like I’m constantly being tested – like how much more can I handle.  It just drains you when having to deal with eye issues.

The other annoyance – boys coming up to the desk.  There is one guy in particular who came up to the desk last week, asking to reserve a room.  He was standing a step behind next to another person I was helping at the desk.  He started to scratch himself, quite rigorously!  I had to stop talking to just stared at him, like – Seriously???! You’re going to stand there ignoring my blatant stare down while your hand is down the front of your shorts, and scratching!???  He left and came back a little later.  I helped him reserve a room, and had to ask for his student ID.  He took it out and put it on the counter.  I glanced at his ID without touching it.  Eww!

Then he came to the desk again today, with another person from his group.  And this other person from his group, did the same thing (but didn’t reach into his shorts – thankfully).  Then he proceeded to pull up his shirt and scratch his chest!!!  I’m curious as to what other information/service providers do or say when their customers exhibit this type of behavior.

In other news, it’s my favorite time of the year – spring.  It feels like I haven’t been able to enjoy it.  I’ve been experiencing health issues and it keeps jumping from one issue to the next.  I hope you’re doing better than I have been doing.  There is a bright spot from this week.  I applied and was interviewed for a Library Director position at Central Arizona College in Coolidge (about 54 minute drive from Tucson).  My former team leader called me to let me know that she received a call from the selection committee, doing a reference check on me.  Apparently I’m on a very short list for this position.  I’m cautiously excited!!!  A Librarian job! Yay!

I hope I won’t be full of woes the next time I blog.  I wish you good health and happiness my friends.


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3 Responses to Ick and more ick.

  1. Danielle says:

    Good luck Wendy! You will be a fantastic Library Director.

    I seem to have a delayed reaction to “questionable” comments, especially from doctors. Around 2005 I saw a dermatologist for a skin rash – which I get all the time since I’m allergic to everything, which now includes the active ingrediant in Claritin (what? how? why?). Anyway, he gave me some presciption that I couldn’t handle because it was too strong and when I told him about it he stared at me and blurted out “Well I know you’re not on drugs if you can’t handle this stuff”! I remembered being puzzled and going into robot mode- mentally running subprograms but ending up with a blank face = does not compute. Driving home the implications hit me.

    I think we have the same mindset Wendy. We know the stereotypes associated with people of color in health care settings (and elsewhere) but are so intellectually removed from them that we don’t even realize when we’ve been labeled.

    • wendy says:

      You’re right Danielle. I let so many things slide.
      I love it – running subprograms. I ❤ Danielle! Easily one of the coolest people I know. Yeah, I sister was making snarky comments about him. He sat at his computer/desk for about 10 full minutes filling out a report on my eye injury. Apparently my eye injury is so severe I need to have it checked daily!

  2. Jody says:

    I sure sympathize with the scratched eye. I scratched my cornea somehow the year I was working at home & driving an hour for a summer college class. I had to wear a patch & sunglasses. I remember my mother reading the lesson for the next day to me because there was no way I could do it.

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