TV viewing habits of Navajo Women

It’s been interesting to see which TV shows my Mum and Auntie watch.  Sadly, they got sucked into watching the Kardashians, though probably to watch it with disdain for the Kardashian Clan.  To understand why I’m noticing my Mum and her sister’s viewing habits, I need to explain that the two sisters were raised traditional Navajo women and raised us with those traditional values.  They’re traditional Navajo women but realize they often need to adjust to the rapidly changing world.  When warranted, I have to tell my mother that her views are wrong and that she should probably rethink her views.  I usually have to preface that by saying, “I don’t know a lot [which is true] but I think…”  Although there’s only one generation difference between the two sisters and their kids, they are worlds apart.  There are many cultural challenges in bridging the two generations.

I love to watch most shows on the Food Network.  Then I usually check out what’s showing on FX, then check out the News on CNN or HLN.  I love the Science Channel and I usually end up there.   Before I moved away to Kansas, I didn’t see my Mum watching any TV.  When I returned, I saw that she was watching more TV than I remembered.  I was a little surprised because my Mum has always expressed that TV and Movies were a big waste of time and for us to find something more constructive to do with our time.  “Watching TV show or movies will give you nothing, won’t get stuff done for you.”  So here’s what I think is happening: My Auntie is watching TV with my brother (or being influenced by my brother’s TV watching habits).  Then my Auntie is influencing my Mum, by watching more TV and specific shows.  The two sisters watch TV together often (by together I mean, my Mum in one room and my Auntie in another room but they’re watching the same show).   Sometimes life lesson examples given by these two sisters to their kids, are from the Kardashians (usually it’s something like, “don’t be a ___ Kardashian”).

The other show they love to watch is Sex and The City. Seriously!  They know when the show comes on, and they’ve watched both movies.  I think they’re fascinated and repelled at the same time, by female characters who can be both strong individuals and are sexual beings.  Navajo women never talk about sex.  If necessary, if they must talk about sex, it’s a very general subject so I’m guessing that it’s fascinating for the two sisters to see that women do talk about sex, other than in general terms.  The tradition of not talking about sex, is a tradition that my generation continues.  I don’t talk about sex with my sisters.  I’ll talk about sex with my friends but not with my sisters (two of which I consider my best friends).  I often wonder what my Mum and her sister are thinking when they’re watching these shows.  The two sisters are the epitome of Judgy McJudge.  My sisters and I sometimes catch each other, consciously tell each other or ourselves, to stop being so judgy.  It has been tough to unlearn this behavior.

I love to watch Sex and The City also so we can watch this show together.  However, I refuse to watch the Kardashians.  Another show we love to watch is Frasier, which we usually watch with my brother JR (his fav show).


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3 Responses to TV viewing habits of Navajo Women

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  2. Rebecca says:

    I watch Frasier, too! Every night before bed, it’s some feel-good comedy. I never could watch Sex and the City or the Kardashians, though. Funny to think of your Mum & Auntie watching those shows!

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