Spring is in the air (for the next 4 days only)

As I was driving home the other day, I noticed the rich yellow blossoms and pollen of the Palo Verde trees.  Kinney Road is lined with these trees.  It was breezy enough to create an effect of snowing yellow blossoms and pollen.  I could appreciate this effect from the coolness and comfort of my air-conditioned car (temperature was in the mid-90s).  Then I started to notice the blossoms of the Ocotillo, as well as how thick they were with leaves.  The Prickly Pears in my front yard are continuing to bloom.  I finally stopped long enough to appreciate the smell and sight of Spring.  There’s a specific scent of intense heat and I could smell in the air yesterday as I got out of the car.  It’s supposed to hit 100 degrees on Sunday – Mother’s Day.  Once it hits 100, Spring is officially over.  In actuality, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between mid-90s and 100 degrees.  I start to notice a difference when it’s closer to 110 degrees.

True Desert people have a connection with rain – how it smells and feels, how close or far away that moisture is.  My sister took me to the Eye Doc in Sells last week.  There was  road construction on Hwy 86 near the new site for TOCCADOT was putting down some hay and wetting it down on the shoulder.  I couldn’t really smell anything but my sister took a deep inhale and sighed, “Mmmmm, wet dirt.” It smelled like rain.  It’s not quite Arrakis but when it rains, it changes everything, and most of all, it changes people.  They’re happier, excited and anticipate a happy event.

Last week, I was walking across the street to the Library and the Street Cleaner truck was making its rounds through campus.  I stepped off the curb and the scent of wet dirt and asphalt hit me.  Instantly, I was taken back to when I first arrived on this campus, at 16 years old.  That combination smell of wet dirt, asphalt and hint of grass will forever be associated with promise, hope and my youth.  Rain is forecasted for tomorrow.


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