Life and what not…

Very few people surprise me anymore.  It’s probably because I’m old and hardly anything surprises me anymore (‘cept for the occasional “BOO!” from a crazy brother in a darkened kitchen when I’m walking down the hall – but that’s a different story).

I was very pleasantly surprised the other day by a male colleague.  He noticed that I have an “idiosyncrasy” of placing my Windows Taskbar/Menu bar on top, instead of on the bottom of the monitor where most people (I don’t have any stats to insert here) have their taskbar.  I’m not really sure where I picked this up.  It makes more sense to have your eye drift to the top instead of the bottom of the monitor for a taskbar.  We do read from top to bottom.  And we continued our conversation about our preferences when we’re working on the reference desk.  Then he admitted that he needed reading glasses but refused to get some, and will adjust the screen monitor resolution instead of getting reading glasses.  I was just curious and continued to press him, and he concluded instantly that it’s vanity that stops him from getting reading glasses.  And he cracks a comment, “I’m too young to get reading glasses!”

Earlier this year, when my health was deteriorating fast, I noticed my vision was quite blurry.  And I was also certain that I needed bi-focal glasses.  Today, my vision is fine and I can see quite well.  Thank God for the little things.

So what is the surprise?  I was surprised that someone was willing to just tell me straight out – yeah, it’s because I’m vain!  I loved the honesty, especially when we don’t know each other well.

In other news, there have been a rash of events (“once in a lifetime event”) happening lately:

  • The Queen’s Jubilee
  • Venus crossing in front of the Sun
  • Solar Eclipse (not so much in the same category but it’s celestial event)

What does it mean to this Navajo?

Queen’s Jubilee- I watched it on the Morning News, delivered by Robin Meade.  Meh, nothing for the Queen and nothing against her, so it was part of the News.  I can’t say that I’ll be sharing the “Event” with my kids or talking about it in the future.

Venus crossing in front the Sun- Navajos not equipped with filtered special glasses would have never known about this event.  Mum talked about it but in the end, decided with my brother that it’s not significant event (like a solar eclipse, which translates to the “Sun dying” in Navajo).  So we just went about our business, just like a regular day.

Solar Eclipse- Now this one was a big deal. I had to observe all the rules (I posted an article on fb about the implications on that day). This is the only major celestial event that I probably will remember or share with the kids because there are many lessons attached to this event.  What 2012 events will you be sharing with your kids or loved ones?


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