Clueless, among other things

Yesterday when I got out of work and walked out of the Library, it smelled like wet cactus/creosote/greasewood and maybe some wet dirt.  It was a heavenly scent.  You know that Desert Perfume, after it rains?  It revitalizes and energizes you.  It gives you hope and promise of something that will complete your mind and soul.  Although it didn’t rain (or it did rain but it was too hot so the rain just evaporated back into the atmosphere), there was enough humidity in the air to produce that Wet Desert Scent.

Other week-end updates-

I turned on the TV yesterday and there was a Judy Garland movie on.  I have never watched a Judy Garland movie in its entirety.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of The Wizard of Oz.  I know people get crazy over Judy Garland.  There’s one library customer who is a HUGE Judy Garland fan. Of course, she’s a huge Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone fan also (really, anything to do with the Theatre).  I never understood the big deal about Judy Garland.  I decided I would keep watching the Judy Garland movie while I’m getting ready for work, to see if I can understand what the big deal is about Judy, nee Frances Ethel Gumm.  She sang a couple of songs.  It just didn’t have any effect on me. I thought it had some nice singing and average acting.

I thought about it on the way to work- maybe I’m missing something else about Judy.  I decided that I would read some basic information on her (I was also completely bored since I only had one reference question during the entire four hours I was at work). I knew NOTHING about Judy and decided to read all about her, including the Wikipedia entry on how she’s a gay icon.  I had heard that reference (in CLUELESS) when Donald Faison’s Murray rattles off the gay references, including “Friend of Dorothy.”  In the end, I had to conclude that I just didn’t “get” it but it was okay because I didn’t need to get it.  I learned something – or mostly about Judy Garland that I didn’t know before.

Other observations-

I work 6 hours per day (minimum) at the Reference Desk.  There’s a copy machine located just to the left of the Reference Desk.  Said Copy machine also accepts dollar bills, for those customers who prefer to pay with cash. The curious thing about this machine- how many people who walk past the machine and check the coin return slot for any change left behind.  The community users’ computer area is behind the Reference Desk so many community users walk past that copy machine.  I think I will take some observational data of how many and who checks for any coins left behind on this machine.  Why?  Because I’m completely bored!  I’ll need some help on developing some hypotheses and what I’m trying to prove (because I’m just messing around right now).  It’s good practice to keep honing my assessment skills.

I’ve been having too much fun on Pinterest, pinning and posting.  I love to fit things into categories and organize.  It’s probably appealing to my librarian nature.  Have you given it a go?  Of course, you might be busier than I am.  Have a wonderful and productive week, my friends and family.


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