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Picture above is a typical day’s drive to work.

It’s been a while since I last entry.  I thought this blog would be my regular vent.  The only outlet for me to vent (unconditionally and without judgment) is at my sister’s house.

Lots of events since the last entry-

I got Bell’s Palsy. Again. And then again. I got it in my left side, so there was a time where I had Bell’s Palsy affecting both sides of my face!  That was in July 2012, right after I started a new Librarian job.  What a nightmare!  Then about 2 weeks ago, I noticed my face on the right side (BP) was worse than before.  It turns out, that I got BP a third time!! SERIOUSLY! I’m determined that I will not get another round of this affliction.  My sheer will determine this plan.  I’m quite vain so the unevenness in my face is disconcerting and sometimes I’m able to forget about my face.  I have not seen any of my friends since my first round of BP in March 2012.  It’s a hindrance but don’t know why because my friends aren’t shallow and wouldn’t care that half of my face is paralyzed or that I dribble in front of them.  It comes back to me and my vanity.  Moving on to other things…

In other news, I barely got started with my new Librarian job (2 months in).  I don’t know much of the processes and protocol but I’m doing my best not to step (crunch) on people’s toes.  I do get frustrated sometimes and my impatience rears its ugliness.  I so want to do process improvement for any process that I find myself working with or in (which basically means every process I know now).  There is so much red tape, checks and balances on nearly everything (not necessary) but I guess overkill is better than having no process.  I have no ILS nor a catalog (card or electronic).  This makes for a very difficult way to do business.  How do I count library customers without a gate count?  How do I account for books without an ILS? How do I organize the collection without knowing what’s in the collection?  Wow.. I knew it was going to be a challenge but sometimes it’s only my sheer will (or pig-headedness) keeps me going to the end of the day. 

Two months after I started, I have a new desk (yay!), new computer and I had to clean out what had been accumulated over the past 10 years in the Library Office.  Internet at work (and public library computers) is HEAVILY filtered (code for no social network sites, no blogs, no streaming video).  The extreme filtering makes my job very difficult to do (answering reference questions or even asking colleagues – how do you guys do this?) I still have more cleaning (throwing away) stuff that doesn’t need to be collected or stored.  The Library Office was one giant storage room, not an office.  I was pretty harsh when it came to throwing things out.  If we haven’t used it in the past year, it needs to be recycled or disposed of (surplus or garbage).  It was necessary. 

Work is just work. I have an hour of commute each morning and another hour in the evening. It’s not very different from commuting to the University Library job.  There’s only a difference of about 15 minutes. Seriously!  It would take me about 43 minutes to get from home and into the UofA Library.  Now it takes me 57 minutes to get from home to work about 60 miles west of Tucson (Sells, AZ).  I’ve often advised others, if you’re not happy or passionate about what you do (or with your job), then it’s up to you to make a change to achieve the passion or happiness.  Currently, I don’t feel happy or passionate so I think my career journey will continue.

The hour commute allows for a lot of time for reflection but mostly, I listen to NPR.  I am very well informed of current events.  I usually watch the local news and Robin Meade in the morning before I leave for work (listen to the TV while I’m getting ready for work).  I cross the Border Check twice per day (yes, I still live and work in the U.S.).  I get asked once a day while I go through the Border Check, “Are you a U.S. Citizen?”  There are many issues/problems/concerns regarding illegal aliens (that sounds weird), people crossing the border illegally then crossing through the Reservation, in the news all the time.  I have to admit that I’ve only seen 1 person who fits that description once while driving back and forth between work and home. 

The commute stretch is fairly decent.  I drive through Desert Landscape (cacti, ocotillo, mesquite and palo verde trees) mostly and drive by a major mountain in Southern Arizona.  Moths and butterflies are quite abundant this fall, making the windshield and front grill striped.  I also see quite a few snakes (driven over by vehicles).  One morning, I saw a crow bent over something on the opposite side of the 2 lane roadway.  As I drove closer to the crow, I saw that it had been snacking on a dead snake (probably got run down by a vehicle).  As I passed the crow, it attempted to fly off with the snake but it was too heavy (it looked like a diamond back snake), so the snake was dropped back on the side of the road.  The dead snake in the road is a fairly frequent scene on the road. 

The weather this year was quite rainy so I got to experience a GREEN desert, teaming with various blooms and vegetation.  It made me feel good to see the rain on fairly frequent basis.  It soothes the soul to see the Earth not be so parched but green and teaming with life.

And Finally

I spend time with my kids (nieces and nephews) everyday.  I’m so thankful for that.  Sometimes we drive each other crazy but I’m accessible and I can help make a difference .  The parents can call on me for reinforcement or when they need to bring out the big guns.  On that note, I need to head out so I leave off here. 

I hope you all find your happiness on this day.  If it doesn’t come to you, you should seek it.  Be well, my friends and family.  I’ll see you soon.  God willing.


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