My Good byes

I had to make a hard journey to Utah and Colorado.  My Nali (paternal) Grandpa passed away, at age 91.  I made the trip with my Mum and we picked up my brother who lives on the Rez.  It was difficult because my Grandpa Ben was my last living grandparent.  Navajos believe your true wealth is measured by the number of living Grandparents you have.  It was still hard to believe he’s gone but the gathering of all my paternal relatives was proof that he left.

I was able to see my Aunties and Uncles.  I don’t know my cousins very well, but have recently connected with at least one cousin via facebook.  Cousins = Paternal cousins.  Maternal cousins are brothers and sisters since they are the same clan I am.

We took Route 5066 from Aneth, UT to Cortez, CO, which was the preferred route to Cortez while visiting my Grandparents, when we were children.  My brother and I went down memory lane as we went through the Valley and piedmont of Ute Mountain.  It was Grandpa’s plan for us to see his country again.

My brother, Mum and I did our duty for the rest of our family members.  We visited for a short while with relatives.  We had to leave after a while since we had a 3 hour trip back to my brother’s house on the western end of the Rez.  The rest of the trip was uneventful, thankfully.  I was just exhausted by the time I got home the next day.

When I got home, I tried looking for a picture I took years ago, of Nali Grandparents, at my brother’s wedding.  I couldn’t find it so I need to continue searching for it.  My lunch is over so I need end my blog here.

Here are some pictures from the Utah/Colorado trip-




to CO





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