Figuring It Out

Yesterday I spent a few hours (really, more than I intended), watching TV. If you know me, you know I usually watch/listen to morning news, and two shows (reruns): Big Bang Theory and Frasier. I needed to clean up at home but found every reason not to get this done.

So I was watching Princesses: Long Island. The characters are as far removed from me as you can think of. The gals on the show are in their late 20s, live on Long Island, most of them live a very privileged life. They might be living different lifestyles, but trying to figure out stuff still remains the same. Now, I’m trying to figure out different stuff. When I was 29, I was an Administrator for a large Tribal Program. I didn’t have time to think about, much less, worry about getting married, settling down, etc. These are some of the issues these gals on the show are facing/dealing.

Watching this show, PLI, I couldn’t help but think about how I got through my 20s. I definitely had my share of ridiculous decisions. I reflected on how some of those decisions could have been different if I had half of the confidence I have now. Oh let’s face it though, I still make some whopper mistakes. I am not half as wise as I think I am. I can still be an ass, and my behavior – sometimes borderline infantile. Then I thought about how I would handle some of these situations on the show. Of course, culture has a HUGE influence on how each of us would handle a situation.

What, if any, would you do differently now?


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4 Responses to Figuring It Out

  1. wyz says:

    the only thing is my school. wouldnt have messed around with it.

  2. Melia Erin says:

    I would not have been so hard on myself. I was absolutely convinced that I was ugly, fat, unattractive, etc. This is probably largely due to my divorce in my mid-20’s and trying to live up to some crazy ass societal ideals of beauty. But looking back, I would love to do it again with the confidence I have now that first of all, I’m not ugly and second of all, who care if I was? Here I am with all this strive and intelligence and goals and I feel like it took me until my 30’s to even realize it was there.

    Oh, and I would wear heels less often – my feet and knees are jacked up because of it. LOL

  3. bibiiwens says:

    Ohhh Melia, I hear you on the confidence part. I had a good dose of confidence, only in spurts. The rest of the time, I faked the confidence I didn’t feel. I wished I was nicer to people and not so quick to dismiss. My family’s nickname for me is “Robot” so maybe, show more emotion…

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