Sandman Slim

This week-end, some friends and I hit the road (only for 2 hours) to the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale. It was for a Book Signing and chit chat with my favorite Author Richard Kadrey. He’s the Author of the Sandman Slim Series, which you must check out. Ya, I know – we’re such geeks that we would travel 2 hours for a book signing. Hey, it’s my favorite author and it was a perfect opportunity to catch up with some friends (being trapped in a vehicle for two hours with me can be torturous).
We had such a good time.

I haven’t seen my friends in a long time. It’s like I crawled into a cocoon and nothing was getting me out of that for the past few years. I felt bad that I neglected my friends for so long. My life is busy with my immediate family but this week-end reminded me that I do need my friends (who are like family anyway). Mina, Melanie and I have the same or similar taste in music (Gee, I wonder why we’re friends). Picture it: the three of us singing The Smiths at the top of our lungs. Good times.

Q & A part of the session with Richard Kadrey – I asked him what was the target audience age range for his upcoming YA Book. What does YA mean for his publisher and him? Short answer: 14 and up. I explained that I have 10 and 12 year old nephews and I had been telling them about the Sandman Series (heavily edited) while we were driving to school every morning. And I wanted to know if the YA book would be appropriate for my nephews. I further offered that I had a different take on the Series than most people, because I approached the Series, with the viewpoint that it was all fiction: Heaven, Hell, Hellions, Magic, and Lucifer… So everyone and locations in the book were all characters and fiction since my philosophy and religion is based in a traditional Navajo Way of Life. I didn’t necessarily have the same history (nor reverence or fear) for the characters and places in the Series as most people who read the Series. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God, which takes the forms of Earth (Mother), Water (Woman), Fire (Grandpa), Sky/Air (Father). I offer my prayers, often in the morning, that I make the right choices, for health and happiness, for my loved ones and inhabitants on earth to have/find the same happiness and peace.

I think I gave Richard Kadrey something to ponder when I offered that viewpoint. All in all, it was a good, lively discussion with him about almost everything under the Sun. We got in line to get our books signed. While I was in line, one of the guys standing in line asks me, “So you follow the Corn Pollen Path, huh?” I just looked at him (more like, stared at him) and I think it made him nervous so he doesn’t wait for my response but just continued headfirst with, “there’s a [Native American] Festival going in town. Why am I telling you? You should be over there than here.” At this point, I had to turn around with the pretense of forming a line so I wouldn’t be subjected to this guy anymore. What I didn’t appreciate was that he thinks by dropping “Corn Pollen Path” that I would think he has a understanding of my culture/religion/tradition, of which I have a rudimentary understanding myself (yes, it can be complex). Then to continue with, Oh you should be at _____ event because that’s an event for you (as a Native).

I was pretty miffed at the time it was happening. I admit I rarely have patience for these types of exchanges, which usually results with the other person telling me I’m mean. But now, as I’m writing about it – I can see that I can be such an Ass, sometimes. And the guy was probably just wanting to start a conversation about what I mentioned during the discussion with Richard Kadrey. That, or he was just trying to make conversation while we’re waiting in line. Either way, I have more respect if you can just talk to me, like – “Could you (or we) talk more about what you were saying earlier about the Navajo Traditional Way – Philosophy/Religion?” I know you’re genuinely interested in having a conversation.

Ya I need to just chill. Oh rats! My lunch is over so I gotta go. But go check out Sandman Slim. Some books in the Series are just $.99 via Kindle!



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